Visible Love 2023: 10 Years Of Container Love

Bild: Alessandro Alle / PixabaySymbolbild Bild: Alessandro Alle / Pixabay

Aus der Einladung:

To love free from discrimination should be a given in these times, but unfortunately, any little step towards the progress of LGBTQIA+ rights is constantly under threat and scrutiny. In this often challenging environment, Container Love has long provided an open and safe platform for artists and identities from all over the queer spectrum and beyond to thrive and share their stories.

We are set to celebrate our first decade with Visible Love, the third edition of our exclusively curated Berlin exhibition series of diversity-driven photography – this time finding a home in the amazing spaces of POP KUDAMM. Starting with an extra special vernissage on August 16th, and running until August 31st, our platform will present the unique, first edition of our printed magazine for which multiple global artists, allies, friends and creators have come together in a beautiful collaboration to celebrate Pride, unapologetically and unfiltered. During this edition of Visible Love, a series of exciting events will take place, while our exhibition remains open to the public until the 31st of August.

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